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Fragile Images

Paul Sharpling, 2016.

Fragile Images is the first complete survey of post-medieval stained glass windows in churches and other buildings of the county of Northampton and the former Soke of Peterborough. The work stresses the fragile nature of the windows currently in situ and gives a detailed account what has been lost since the sixteenth century.

Mention is also made of medieval glass still present. Although the works are often considered to relate solely to religion, the author stresses their relevance to a wider range of topics, which should also be of interest to local historians, students of heraldry, psychologists, sociologists, genealogists, and archivists.

He offers comprehensive appendices including alphabetical lists of persons commemorated in dedicatory panels, arms bearers, war memorials and references to military regiments. There are also complete indexes of subject matter and how to identify figures illustrated in the glass, and a helpful list of Latin inscriptions and their translations.

ISBN: 978-0-901275-74-5.


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  • History of glass since the mid-sixteenth century
    • c.1530 to c.1840
    • c.1840 to 1955
    • 1955 to 2014
  • Introduction to the gazetteer
  • Abbreviations used in the gazetteer
  • Glossary of technical term
  • Gazetteer of Northamptonshire excluding the Soke of Peterborough
  • Gazetteer of the Soke of Peterborough
  • Appendices
    • 1. Glass makers and locations of their work
    • 2. Identification of major religious figures
    • 3. Index of subjects used in main lights:
      • Scenes
      • Single figures with their identifiable attributes
      • Subjects used in tracery lights
    • 4. Glossary of Latin texts and abbreviations
    • 5. Locations of war memorial windows with the names of those commemorated
    • 6. Locations of regimental badges
    • 7. Alphabetical list of arms-bearers
    • 8. A method for analysing a stained glass window
  • Sources and bibliography
  • Plates
    • Northamptonshire
    • The Soke of Peterborough
  • Index


Complete volume in a single file: Fragile Images (file size: 14,993kB)

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