Northamptonshire Record Society offers two series of publications: the General Series and the Victor Hatley Memorial Volumes.

General Series

A long-running series of publications of local records have been produced. All are hard-bound. Recent volumes have included:

  • Vol 42: Ron Greenall, Early Northampton Wills
  • Vol 40: Peter Gordon, The Journals of Lady Knightley
  • Vol 39: Bruce Bailey, Northamptonshire in the Early Eighteenth Century: The Drawings of Peter Tillemans and Others
  • Vol 38: David Hall, Open Fields of Northamptonshire

Victor Hatley Memorial Volumes

This is a series of paperbacks published to commemorate the life and work of the late Victor Hatley, an active local historian and a great encourager of other people. Before his untimely death, for many years he was an active member of the Council of the Northamptonshire Record Society.

Hon. General Editor: D. Hall.


The Record Society is making selected volumes available on-line.

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Latest Publication

image of the dust jacket of Northamptonshire National Schools

Northamptonshire National Schools 1812-1854

Rosemary Dunhill, 2017.

The Northamptonshire branch of the National Society played a major role in the first half of the 19th century in extending educational opportunity in the county's towns and villages, working with local clergy, landowners and others to build and maintain schools and to provide some minimal training for teachers while attempting to hold at bay what they saw as unwarranted government interference or nonconformist rivalry.

This study is based on the surviving records of the county and the parent societies, supplemented by other sources with relevant information in the Northamptonshire Record Office and elsewhere. The records include detailed correspondence which brings vividly to life the state of the parishes and their children before and after the provision of schools and the problems they faced in a period of economic turbulence and widespread child labour.

By the end of the period the society was working in (sometimes uneasy) partnership with the government; there had been radical changes in methods of teaching, subjects taught, and the training of teachers, though major problems remained and teh contrast between bigger and smaller schools had if anything grown.

ISBN: 978-0-901275-75-2.

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