The Record Society is making selected issues of NP & P available on-line to its readers. This material, which has been scanned, is presented in the form of pdf files. Each issue comprises a number of separate small files to reduce the download time for those readers not on fast broadband. Each issue is also available as a single large file.

Where a number of issues have been bound into a single volume, each volume includes a contents list and index for that volume.

An index will be found on the introductory page for each issue. This index will indicate the page range and filesize for each of the subsidiary files. Within each file, readers may use the search facility built-in to the reader; this is, of course, limited to the file being viewed.

Within each of the files, bookmarks have been inserted to identify articles, headings, etc.

Before continuing readers should ensure that Adobe™ Reader is installed on their PC; this may be downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader.

Titles available in this format are:

From Issue No 53 (2000) onwards, the e-Journals are created directly from the typesetter's files and consequently have a smaller file size. This approach also allows the use of dynamic links on the Contents page, clicking on the required title will select the article in question. With the exception of issue No 53, these issues also contain an index. Readers may use the search facility built-in to the reader.

The following issues are currently available in this format: