Library Bulletins

From time to time the Library Committee issue bulletins relating to library matters. These are listed below in reverse order, i.e. the latest is at the top of the list:


Bulletin No 7


A revised edition of Rupert Gunnis's Biographical Dictionary of Sculptors in Britain, 1660-1851 has been donated to the library. This and other dictionaries are discuseed.  more ...

Released August 2013

Bulletin No 6

A Tribute to Three Men

Three eminent genealogists were involved in the compilation and publication of Collins Peerage. This bulletin delves into the background to the Peerage and its compilers.  more ...

Released March 2013

Bulletin No 5

Westmorland of Apethorpe Archive Appeal

After a successful appeal this collection will remain in Northamptonshire  more ...

Life and Death in Northampton - and beyond

An uninteresting-looking volume containing the eighth and ninth annual reports of the Registrar General, 1847-48 contains the Northampton Table of Mortality used by all insurance companies for calculating life insurance policies.  more ...

The Quarterly Review

These give a fascinating view of 19th century England, both local and national. Volume 101, 1857 has a article on the history and the major histories of Northamptonshire  more ...

Who really won the Battle of Waterloo?

Any Frenchman in 1842 reading the article on Wellington in our Dictionnaire des Dates will have come to a different conclusion as to who won the Battle of Waterloo  more ...

Released September 2012

Bulletin No 4

Open Invitation to the Library

The Society's library not only has in-depth coverage of Northamptonshire and the former Soke of Peterborough, but it has been strengthened  more ...

Released April 2012

Bulletin No 3

Open Invitation to the Library

Members and their guests are invited to meet members of the Library Committee and to view the recent additions to the collection.  more ...

Released August 2011

Bulletin No 2

The Library Classification & Background Works

Books in the Library are classified by the Brown method; Dr Wendy Raybould has now provided printed copies of the classification schedules, a place name index and a subject index. The Library collection has a number of background histories and reference works.  more ...

Released April 2011

Bulletin No 1

Sale of Books and Printing Blocks

The Society has more than 150 surplus duplicate copies of books; it also holds a collection od printer's blocks used in the production of NP & P.  more ...

Released 1st October 2010