Library Bulletin No 2


The Library Classification

The Northamptonshire books in the Library collection are classified by the Brown method. Members using the Library, and who are unfamiliar with this classification, in the past may have found difficulty in locating specific items.

Dr Wendy Raybould has now provided printed copies of the classification schedules, a place name index and a subject index in three separate folders. These have been placed on the long table in the library for the benefit of members.

Background Works

One of the strengths of the Library collection is the number of background histories and reference works which support the coverage of the Northamptonshire books. A prime example is the English Dialect Dictionary, edited by Joseph Wright. A man of prodigious energy, Wright produced the six-volume work between 1898 and 1905. The Society is fortunate in possessing one of the select few copies half-bound in Morocco, donated to the Society by the late Christopher A Markham. For the interest of members the volumes have been placed on the long table in the Library.

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