Library Bulletin No 1


Books and Blocks for sale

Saturday 16 October 2010, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm


The Society will be holding a sale of some 150 surplus books at its premises on 16 October. The Society has a policy of selling duplicate and triplicate copies of works, all sold with the approval of the original donors, and sales normally take place every five to ten years. This is a chance for members (and the sale is restricted to members only) to pick up some real bargains and add them to their collections. Prices range from 20 pence to £30.


Modern computerisation has revolutionised the printing and publishing of books and journals. Skilled practices which had been essential over the centuries are now defunct. The Society is fortunate in that it holds a collection of half-tone blocks used for the printing of illustrations in Northamptonshire Past and Present back to the 1950s. There is now no longer room to accommodate them and we are regretfully having to treat them as scrap. Before doing so, again on Saturday 16 October, members will have an opportunity to buy examples of these blocks (£1 large, 50 pence small) which represent a fascinating insight into the history of printing. The Society must be unique in being able to make such materials available to its members.

Come and buy a piece of printing history before it is too late.



Please note that the blocks can no longer be used in modern printing processes, and that they are for private use only.

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