Reference Library

Cover of book Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School

The collection

The Library consists of some 3,000 volumes, both old and new, covering Northamptonshire and the former Soke of Peterborough. There are also many background historical works which have local as well as national relevance. Examples are Gardiner’s Histories of the Civil Wars (published in 1884 and 1893); the best edition of Collins’s Peerage of England by Brydges (published 1812); and the 28 volume History of Parliament, an unequalled source for British political, social and local history (published between 1964 and 2006).

cover of the book Sharing the Past

Location and opening hours

The Library is located in the same building as the Northamptonshire Record Office; see the Contact page. It is open to members during the same hours as the Record Office.

Record Society staff are normally available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11.30 am and 3.30 pm.

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Using the collection

None of books are available for loan and are available only for reference.

Members can obtain access to the Library by showing their membership card at the Record Office reception.