Northamptonshire and its Hearth Taxes

Deborah Hayter MA

2nd May 2015

St Andrew's Hospital, Billing Road, Northampton

The lists of those who paid the hearth tax, with the numbers of their hearths, and the lists of the exempt who were too poor to pay, reveal much about the patterns of wealth and poverty, housing and population in late 17th-century Northamptonshire. The national Hearth Tax Project is also making it possible to compare this county with other counties - was Northamptonshire a rich or a poor county?.

Deborah Hayter lives in the south of the county and came to local history late. She did an MA in English Local History at Leicester University, and is a tutor at Oxford University's Department of Continuing Education. She has taught many courses in local and landscape history there, and at Oxford's Summer Schools, and also for the University of Leicester in Northampton. She has a particular interest in the landscape and also in how the poor were looked after (or not) in the past.

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