WW1 POW Camps in Northamptonshire

Dr Colin Chapman

18th October 2014

St Andrew's Hospital, Billing Road, Northampton

Colin Chapman is a Fellow of the University of Northampton, President of the Northamptonshire Family History Society, a Vice President of the Society of Genealogists and currently Chairman of its Fellows. He has written a number of books relating to social history including Tracing Ancestors in Northamptonshire and Detained in England 1914-1920: Eastcote POW Camp Pattishall.

During the First World War civilians living in Britain with Germanic names were arrested, questioned and then interned if deemed to be potential spies. Some 23,000 were eventually imprisoned on the Isle of Man but many were held initially at Pattishall. As the war proceeded thousands of German military combatants were captured and held in POW Camps across Britain. This illustrated lecture describes the whereabouts of, and life at, camps located in Northamptonshire and the vital role of the Pattishall Camp for the whole of Eastern Command during the Great War.

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