The Not so Gentle Stream:
Water power in Northamptonshire - from corn grinding to electricity generation

Geoffrey Starmer

16th October 2004

St Andrew's Hospital, Billing Road, Northampton

Geoffrey Starmer has been studying water-mills, especially those in Northamptonshire, for over 50 years. As a founder member of the Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group and now its President, he has encouraged the recording and preservation of mills in the County and included this subject in the courses he has tutored for the University of Leicester and Workers Educational Association.

Geoffrey is a member of the Mills Section Committee of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and occasionally broadcasts on Radio Four and Radio Northampton. Since retiring from his post as Senior Inspector, Further and Adult Education, with the Education Department of Northamptonshire County Council he has undertaken a survey of water-mill sites for the County Council.

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